Be the .1 With Influence

Registration of .1 domains is now open to all influencers, entrepreneurs, & more.


Marketing Resources for the .1 Top-Level Domain (TLD)

We've created this microsite to help you share the .1 TLD with your clients and promote one of the hottest new domain registration options for savvy, up-and-coming brands that want to defy convention while still having a recognizable, credible, and easy-to-remember name.

This site will be continually updated with additional resources based on your feedback to make your sales efforts even more successful.

Why register a .1 domain?

Listen and learn from your audience: Be the engaging .1

Be true to yourself and followers will come: Be the authentic .1

Do good unto others to build the community: Be the liked .1

An influencer’s presence is their best asset: Be the visible .1

To get started, take a look at the resources below:  

  • Brand & messaging guidelines
  • Ideas for promotion
  • The .1 logos  
  • Suggested imagery
  • Example .1 domains

Marketing Assets

Brand & Messaging Guidelines

The .1 TLD is for the next generation of influencers who want their website domain to be reflective of their own creativity and originality.

  • Engaging
  • Authentic
  • Likeable
  • Visible

Ideas for Promotion

Building a cohesive, engaging online presence is vital for up-and-coming influencers. And at the center of a successful digital marketing strategy is your website. Choose a .1 domain if you want to stand out and get noticed by more people

  • Startups
  • Agencies
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Influencers
  • Disruptive brands

Creative Assets

The .c Logos

.1 logo
.1 logo
1 logo
.1 logo

Ideas for Domains:

  • TheGreatest.1
  • YouAreThe.1
  • ItsNiceBeingNumber.1
  • InfluenceSome.1
  • BeSome.1

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